Techno Craft

Course Information

Course code: DEGN35436
Term offered: Third year, second term

Course Description

The lines between digital and physical media are becoming increasingly blurred. Have you ever outlined something in Adobe Illustrator and wished you could see your design carved out of wood or cardboard? Perhaps you?ve used 3D modeling software and wanted desperately to reach out and touch the virtual object and hold in in your hands. In Techno Craft, we will explore this exciting world, where computer representations can be translated into material things, using two technologies in particular: laser cutting and 3D printing. By taking this course, it is hoped that you will come away with an expanded and enriched perspective on the evolving connections between technology, art, craft, design and sculpture.


Assignment One

Using layered laser-cut planes (stepped contours), model and sculpt an evocative subject exhibiting both ?organic? and ?inorganic? qualities.

Assignment Two

Using a 3D printer, create a 3-dimensional collage that is a mash-up of custom digital models with found elements (digital and physical). The piece should depict a scaled ?miniature world? that serves as critical commentary on contemporary culture.

Assignment Three

Working individually or in teams, produce a work or series of works that critically employs desktop digital fabrication in the making process. Possibilities include: figurative or interpretive sculpture; scale model; working prototype of a commercial product.