Digital Imagery

Course Information

Course code: DSGN26206
Term offered: Third year, second term

Course Description

This course crosses the imagined divide between digital and traditional image making in order to create exciting new hybrid imagery. Digital and analogue media are integrated into all projects, in order to develop new, cross-media approaches to imagery.


Assignment One

This project begins with multiple explorations and deconstructions of a single digital photograph. One image is then selected and printed as a series of B&W prints, which are worked into by hand to create a unified series of prints with the addition of at least 2 other media, such as stenciling, painting, drawing, sculpture and collage.

Assignment Two

A perspective drawing of a 360 degree architectural scene is done in small groups. The images are then digitally stitched together and the resulting panoramas are individually painted to create an imagined 3 dimensional space in which something ?happens?. Sound is added to enhance the narrative, and a navigable, 3D virtual environment is created.

Click on the thumbnails below, then click and drag or use the playback symbols in the window to navigate the Virtual Environment.

Assignment Three

A music video is broken into still B&W frames, which are distributed amongst the class. Half the frames are painted using digital tools and techniques, while the other half are painted using traditional media. The painted frames are then recompiled into a painted music video.