Time-Based Media

Course Information

Course code: DSGN13672
Term offered: Third year, second term

Course Description

This course introduces students to the magic of motion graphics animation. Students use their own drawings, paintings, photographs, text and video footage in the planning, editing and creation of a short animated movie with titles and sound. Students work individually on a variety of skill-building exercises before working in small groups to develop a narrative, visual style, storyboards and an animated movie.


Assignment One

The initial focus is on learning tools and techniques to create motion graphics, and to shoot video using different types of shots. Short, individual weekly exercises develop technical expertise with motion graphics while students begin to apply these skills to expressing ideas.

Assignment Two

Concept Boards and Storyboards are developed in small groups to determine the visual style and narrative content of the final movie, as well as to provide a detailed blueprint of all media assets needed. Text titles and hierarchy are styled, and a colour palette is established for the movie.

Note: Click and drag left or right in the image to navigate the virtual environment.

Assignment Three

The images, video, animation, titles and sound required for the final movie are divided amongst group members for production, and presented over progressive due dates for ongoing feedback. Finished movies are screened and discussed in the film fest at the end of term.