Course Information

Course code: DESN14579
Term offered: Third year, second term

Course Description

In this introductory course students focus on the concepts, techniques, materials and methods relevant to printmaking with an emphasis on three particular processes: screenprinting (silkscreen), stencils, and plate lithography.


Assignment One

Students learn the print media technique of screenprinting and produce a 3-4 colour image, printed in an edition of 4.

Assignment Two

Interdisciplinary project in combination with Digital Images and Painting. Application of a 2-colour stencil directly to a black & white photographic image, which is tend further hand-rendered in Painting class.

Assignment Three

Students learn the print media technique of plate lithography. Project involves the creation of a one-colour (black) lithographic image that combines photography with hand-drawn elements. Edition of 4.

Assignment Four

Open Thematic project. Students may revisit any of the 4 print media cover throughout terms 1 & 2 (or the second term for students joining us in the Winter term only). Students present a written proposal w/ images to instructor. Project must include at least one printmaking process in combination with an “unconventional” approach to print media (sculpture, installation, new media, etc.).