Advanced Painting Studio

Course Information

Course code: ARTS33314
Term offered: Third year, second term

Course Description

Through a series of in-class painting assignments and a singular independent project, students will continue to develop their technical skills as well as produce a unified body work in their preferred media. Students will execute an image each week based on the life model, still life, landscape or interior. Importance will be placed on their ability to render complex images accurately in the medium of their choice.


Assignment One

Rendering Transparancy - Students are challenged to render the complex nature of transparent glass and coloured liquids in conjunction with resulting filtered, reflected and refracted light.

Assignment Two

Projected Light - By projecting an image on to a figure, we not only distort the image as it bends around the contours of the form, but we also camouflage. Depicting this scene becomes a test of ones ability to see, and to map.

Assignment Three

High Chroma - depicting form usually employs a well organized arrangement of values. What if our subject is very well lit and our eye is seduced by highly saturated colour with few shadows to work with?

Assignment Four

Visual Style - What constitutes a “style”? A strict set of criteria (or conventions) to which an object must adhere to be considered a part of it. We look at this issue in an attempt to better understand how to develop a more coherent artistic voice for ourselves.

Assignment Five

Independent Project - In “Images and Ideas” each student develops a proposal for a series of paintings based on an issue or subject matter that is of importance to each of them. In this course they will have the opportunity to execute that project.