Introduction to Digital Photography

Course Information

Course code: DSGN19402
Offered: Third year, first term

Course Description

In this course students are introduced to the basics of digital photography and photographic genres. Students gain an understanding of photographic terminology, develop technical photographic skills, and apply principles of design and composition to photographic imagery. Topics include lighting, colour, optics, composition and exposure. Electronic file management, file format, image storage media, photographic printing technologies and image correction/manipulation will also be explored. Through lectures, demonstrations, in-class assignments and individual projects, students will become proficient with digital (DSLR) cameras. Emphasis is placed on the application of theoretical information and aesthetics to practical photographic problem solving.


Assignment One

Basic Image capture and workflow

Assignment Two

Shutter speeds demo and assignment

Assignment Three

Aperture demo and assignment

Assignment Four

Manual Exposure, ISO & Camera RAW

Assignment Five

Panoramics - demo & exercise