Advanced Drawing 1

Course Information

Course code: ARTS36859
Offered: Third year, first term

Course Description

This course combines the ideas and practice of “Drawing-bootcamp” for the first 7 weeks, and then opens the field of Drawing Practice to engage in various forms of pictorial expression through Drawing.


Assignment One

The first project during the first quarter focuses on complex drawing concepts such as; Planar observation, Chiaroscuro, Gesture, Composition, and Mark making which inform our study. In combination, we study the figure in studio and then apply the concept again, to the observational Self-portrait.

Assignment Two

Drawing #1 is a portrait based on a photograph that you have taken of yourself in an environment which begins a narrative.

Assignment Three

Drawing #2 is a Metamorphosis, a work in series. The image begins as a figure drawing, then moves through three stages of transformation.

Assignment Four

Drawing #3 is a Triptych. This work is based on the drawing concepts of Memory, Manipulation and Movement.