Digital Media Studio

Course Information

Course code: DSGN27545
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

Digital Media Studio is a course that will expand and deepen your understanding of how computers are integrally used in art and design. The following areas are explored: using software tools to give aesthetic consistency across multiple layouts; fundamentals of interactive and animated graphics; visually structuring content for web publication; as well as spatial visualization with an introduction to 3D modeling. Taking this course will open your eyes to just some of exciting possibilities offered by the constantly evolving world of digital media ? possibilities that will likely enhance the development of your own creative interests and directions.


Assignment One

Design a 12-month calendar using Adobe InDesign; each month should be visually distinct, but there should be a consistent overall aesthetic to the calendar as a whole. Theme, format and layout are entirely up to you!

Assignment Two

Design an interactive and animated digital portfolio to showcase selections from your own work in art and design. Pay careful attention to user experience; the portfolio should be both engaging and intuitive to navigate.

Assignment Three

In Part 1, giving form to content: design ?the look? of a website that effectively communicates a given set of information with a strong sense of clarity, order, hierarchy and visual interest. In Part 2, design and produce an animated GIF ? the classic motion graphic format that can be universally read in all web browsers.

Assignment Four

Present a proposal for a Public Art intervention on the Sheridan campus, leveraging digital imagery to show the idea in context. The use of 3D modeling and rendering is encouraged.