Text and Image

Course Information

Course code: DESN26859
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

This course explores and intends to enhance the relationship between text and imagery in strategic visual communications. A growing understanding of effective typography, composition and visual hierarchy contributes to developing unique and targeted brand identities, posters and other graphic materials that communicate as intended to specific audiences.


Assignment One

Students analyze the design and target market of an existing beverage package before working in small teams to create and design a new, competitive product. The product name, package design, logo, product label, and a promotional item for the new item are required for the pitch.

Assignment Two

This typographic poster is designed using only 1 font family, supplied text and up to 2 spot colours to create an event poster with strong visual impact and a logical hierarchy of information. Since images cannot be used, this project deepens students? typographic design skills. Effective use of colour, type and design contrasts are key to the success of this project.

Assignment Three

This self-portrait poster uses thematic text and imagery created by the student for this project. Experimental and expressive use of type, layout and imagery is encouraged.

Assignment Four

Students choose and research a musical genre, artist or band before designing a CD cover, booklet and interior tray card. At least 50% of the booklet?s content should be legible text. The choice of images, fonts, type design and page layout should reflect the dominant musical style.