Surface Design

Course Information

Course code: DESN24178
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

This advanced level course follows ?Introduction to Surface Design? and continues with an experimental and mixed-media approach to design. Students will develop their individual interests and concerns with an emphasis of developing their own ideas while learning to work to specific design briefs. This course provides a painterly approach to design principles. Students are encouraged to transfer ideas and techniques developed in this course to other related disciplines.


Assignment One

Expressive Text: For this assignment you will render a lyrics, a poem or short story in original hand created text/letters. Create a series of four 8”x10” designs or one 15” x 20” poster with at least 30 words using a variety of mixed media techniques such as stenciled and stamped letters, ink, paint and resist writing.

Assignment Two

Print-making designs: For this assignment you will render a series of 4 related designs using various printing techniques, and apply the designs to 2 objects using a simple template. Your designs will combine repeat patterning and motifs of your choosing. Your 4 designs should be different from, yet related to each other.

Assignment Three

Mail Art: Create 3 postcard designs and an envelope using collage techniques learned in class. Develop a narrative or theme from the first to the last card. You may add illustrated elements or a graphic motifs (hand drawn) and text to suggest a narrative with a beginning, middle and end.

Assignment Four

Designing from a Document: Develop a series of 4 related designs using a document as inspiration. Your inspiration could be a painting, drawing, design, comic, artifact, etc. The designs should include a variety of mixed media techniques learned in class and may be series of illustrations or patterns that are different from, yet relate to each other, and your document.