3D Design Material Explorations

Course Information

Course code: DESN20082
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

This course emphasizes the interplay between idea and the consideration of materials and processes for 3D Design. Material properties, their potential for manipulation and appropriate use are key elements of the exercises undertaken. Wood, textiles, metals, plaster and concrete are some of the materials investigated. Students are introduced to methods for working with these materials on their own in the studio as well as more complex industrial processes.


Assignment One

Wood - Grain and Texture In this assignment students work in the wood shop, learning how to machine rough lumber to produce flat, smooth, dimensioned blanks of wood - critical skills in woodworking. The dimensioned wood will then be laminated and further shaped using a range of tools to produce functional, unique breadboards.

Assignment Two

Bending Wood Wood properties are explored further in this class using hot pipe bending and vacuum bag lamination techniques. Students will bend wood using both techniques to produce functional tongs.

Assignment Three

Felting In this workshop students learn the basics of creating felt from wool. The techniques to make felt mats, balls and rope will be covered and each student will produce felt in these formats. Applications of felt in sculpture and design will be presented and discussed.

Assignment Four

Plywood Portrait This project involves an exploration of plywood, how it is made and how we can exploit it’s properties to create three dimensional imagery. Students will create a self portrait in plywood using hand tools and air powered carving tools.

Assignment Five

Concrete Vessel This project involves an exploration of clay, plaster and concrete. Students will work individually to create a concrete vessel that has been cast from a plaster mould. Each student will create their own plaster mould from their own un