Figurative Drawing Studio

Course Information

Course code: ARTS25586
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

An intermediate/advanced studio drawing course that develops the students ability in the areas of anatomy, structural drawing, composition, proportion, rendering techniques and expressive use of a range of drawing media.


Assignment One

1. Rotation of the Figure Four drawings of a standing pose on the same page showing accurate proportions, scale, balance and continuity in the drawing.

Assignment Two

2. Two Figures and a Chair Using one model create a composition of 2 figures with a chair showing good size relationships, perspective and design on the page.

Assignment Three

3. Comparative Anatomy Interpretation of a master drawing as an anatomical study of the skeleton and muscles.

Assignment Four

4. Figurative Composition Large drawings of the figure using contrast, variety, balance and rhythm to create expressive and creative compositions.