Interpretive Painting Studio

Course Information

Course code: ARTS24444
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

This Interpretive Painting Studio course will address two primary issues: Who you are as an artist and how best to say who you are. The assignments will address both with “thinking inside the box” techniques to help create artwork outside the box. That is to say, learning what processes are necessary to move from internal concepts to successful art statements. You will also generate an artist’s statement.


Assignment One

Assignment 1 - “I AM…” Develop and execute a personal graphic novel, through a series of exercises and thumbnails to a finished piece. All work done in studio.

Assignment Two

Assignment 2 - A Triptych Develop and execute a triptych. You will create three separate pieces with a connecting theme that joins the pieces together as one visually coherent idea through the use of concept, style, subject and/or colour. All or most work done in studio.