Interpretive Drawing Studio

Course Information

Course code: ARTS23431
Term offered: Second year, second term

Course Description

Interpretive Drawing Studio offers students an opportunity to strengthen technical drawing skills while developing a sense of their own subject matter and visual interests.


Assignment One

Students research electron microscope images. These drawings form the basis of images that explore texture, patterning and scale.

Assignment Two

Students review principles of linear and atmospheric perspective and keys to pictorial depth. Students generate an image in which location is used to represent an important person or moment in life. Conventional, subjective and multiple perspectives are employed.

Assignment Three

A series of experimental activities support the notion that the spirit of play is a powerful means of accessing creative solutions. Following several weeks of in-class, play-based workshops, students summarize their findings by generating a final image.

Assignment Four

Following extensive personal research and the submission of a project proposal, students develop a piece or body of work that demonstrates their aesthetic and conceptual priorities.