VCA is pleased to announce greater choice in course selection

Following the completion of Semesters 3 & 5, students may select from a basket of courses, allowing them to design their own curriculum. These are called Program Electives.

For example, one student may focus on developing painting and drawing skills, another may dedicate themselves to the study of digital and design techniques and yet another may explore a cross-section of disciplines.

When making course selections, please ensure that you:

Have completed the necessary prerequisite courses. (This year you should have all necessary prerequisites, providing that you have passed all prior courses)

Plan for the future. If you are in 2nd year, consider what courses you need to take now to allow you to enroll in your desired 3rd year courses.

Review of the revised VCA program map:

Program Map

Students may find it helpful to review the potential paths depicted in the Course Selection PDF. Please note that in some cases more than 5 program electives have been identified…this is to indicate a range of options.

Course Descriptions

Below is a complete listing of available program electives. Each course listing provides a brief description of the course, the assignments, and samples of the work produced.

Second year, second term (term 4)

Third year, first term (term 5)

Third year, second term (term 6)

Key Points: Prerequisites

  • 2nd and 3rd year students now have more course selection options as they enter semesters 4 and 6 of the VCA program.
  • The VCA Curriculum Map provides a clear listing of course options and their necessary prerequisites.
  • When choosing courses, be sure to check that you have received credit for (passed) the prerequisite classes.
  • When choosing 2nd year courses, try to anticipate which classes you will want to take in 3rd year. All 3rd year courses have 2nd year prerequisites. It may be helpful to work backwards from the 6th semester.

Key Points: Course Selection, Information and Registration

  • Consider the various possible Curriculum Paths shown earlier. Of course these are just examples; your path is up to you.
  • As with any open enrollment, it is possible that you will not be able to register for your first choice of classes. Please prepare for this by selecting second choices prior to registration.
  • All of this information will be posted on notice boards located in the A wing.
  • If you need further assistance, you may consult with Andrew Bodor or other faculty.
  • The Program Elective course selection process is the same as when you previously chose studio options and General Education courses. Course selection opens the first week of December. Please consult with myOTR Online for exact dates.

If you are in 2nd year, your upcoming winter semester 4 schedule is:

Semester 4 Schedule

If you are in 3rd year, your upcoming winter semester 6 schedule is:

Semester 6 Schedule

Project X

There is a lot of interest in this new 3rd year course. Project X is an ideal course for students who:

  • Are committed to developing a body of work
  • Have a sense of what central themes or aesthetic directions they want to explore
  • Work well independently. Although weekly class meetings are essential, students are expected to complete most of their work beyond class time
  • Are interested in researching and writing about their creative project (written material consists of personal reflections, project proposals and a final written summary of project that accompanies visual work)
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